Bioracer - Performance by design

Bioracer is a company of riders and racers, designers and innovators, craftspeople and seamstresses. It’s where ideas and new technologies collide, designs are pioneered, and history is made.

    • Aeromotion lab: we analyse the cyclist in motion through 360 degree cameras and sensors, to ensure fabric, design and construction deliver anatomic fit with optimal comfort
    • Wind tunnel testing: we conduct regular wind tunnel testing and monitor and analyse data, to optimise the aerodynamics of our apparel and help athletes find free speed 
    • Protolab: our in-house research and innovation lab is where we pioneer new technologies, conduct rigorous testing processes using cutting-edge machines, and design new and groundbreaking protoypes
    • In-house production: with our own print room, sublimation, cutting, and stitching factory, we don’t just rely on machine production. Our team of seamstresses hand sew details such as pockets, straps, and chamois pads to ensure the highest comfort and durability possible
    • Innovative chamois pad designs: we design and create gender-specific chamois pads in which the flat side is strategically placed next to the body, so the chamois molds to the rider while the dimensional pad side absorbs vibration, providing the ultimate cushioning and comfort